Super-strong loading capacitymultiple considerations

We apply the fully computerized modular elevator special control system, effective and reliable drive mode, sensitive and flexible VVFF variable frequency door machine for FUJICN Elevator serial freight elevator so that our elevator can have relaxed transport under various world conditions. High strength car structure, anti-collision strip, photocell door setting can satisfy all kinds of the freight transport. They are also applicable for different building structures. As a result, we can tackle more and more transport tasks at ease and create a completely new freight carrying concepts as well.

  • Safe and reliable structure, high strength
  • Durable, smooth operation
  • Open the door away from large, cost-effective
  • complete specifications, reliable performance


It arouses infinite possibilities. Machine roomless is more powerfull than the elevator with machine room

FUJICN Elevator machine roomless freight elevator takes low carbon environment protection as  design concept. It saves energy and reduces loss. It utilizes the well space to the greatest extent. It regards saving the building are and decreasing the building cost as ultimate goal. It gives a full play green humane spirits of the products. Compared with geared elevator with same load level, it can save 40% of electric energy, 10% of building area.

Easy and effective installation

In elevator applications, ease of installation is also an important factor affecting freight conditions. FUJICN Elevator machine roomless freight elevator provides the customers with easy and effective installation plans. It ensures normal progress of the contruction projects.

Energy saving and high eddiciency

It saves 10% of building area: It saves 25% of electric energy : It enhances 30% of efficiency.