Home elevator


FUJICN always believes that every technological progress is derived from the grasp of human nature, and every innovative design originates from an inevitable factor, this is the best interpretation of ‘’home’’ and ‘’love’’. Our vila elevators are designed for a simple goal, which is to let you  enjoy the warmth and love in the world in your exclusive villa by inside and outside of the noble quality of more evident, the home with the old man is very convenient.

‘’Home appliance’’ villa elevator

It can adopt 220v conventional voltage, ultra-low power, ultra-low power consumption, and the actual power consumption is equivalent to household refrigerator. The running is less than one microwave oven, which is mart and light, and has no oil and no noise.

Aseptic green car

Elevators are disigned with energy-saving and envirinmentally friendly design an materials, 8 milllion negative ion fans, sterilization and deodorization, clear every day.


When the elevator power off suddenly and emergency stop while normal running, the device will quickly start work, drive the elevator to run into the position, then open the door to evacuate passengers.

Safe circuit

There are sucurity sensors installed in each significant part, which are in series connection, in order to ensure the normal function of each security part.

Permanent magnet synchronous and

gearless traction machine

Brings about low noise and non-pollution, the gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine, can save energy more than 40%, without the need to replace the grease, free maintenance, no pollution.

Intelligent control system

Adopt a full computer integrated intelligent control system. the highly integrated, intelligent full computer control system makes elevator data processing faster and more complete.

Microcomputer control system

FUJICN Vila elevator intelligent adaptive fruequency conversion door machine system, with 64-bit microcomputer control system for full digital operation, comprehensively improve the corresponding speed of the door machine to ensure safe stable operation of the door machine.

Health without radiation

Rejecting electromagnetic radition, the electromagnetic radition generated by the permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator operation will not affect the health of the family and the normal use of equipment such as household appliances and mobile phone.


The FUJICN Vila elevator is tailor-made to add value to your home while making your life more and more enjoyble. It can help you carry things, help you bring your parents and children safely down the stairs, the elevator’s smart double door safety sensor can protect the children’s hands from being pinched.

The Humanity opening method meets your requirement

We utilize the multiple door opening modes into FUJICN villa elevator for the user’s free choice. Meanwhile we can specially design the elevators according to the user’s different requirements and conditions.