Advantageous performance Of travelator

Compact structure,  reduce space: FUJICN Elevator pedestrian short sidewalks to narrow the space span, so that the whole structure is more compact, flexible to adopt to the archilectual pattern, for customers t save valuable building space, Devided into horizontal, inclined two product planing series, allows customers to chooese according to their layout ideas.

Stability, long life: short pedal and the conveyor chain is directly connected, FUJICN Elevator automatic sidewalk more quiet and stable operation, the whole life cycle can be greatly extended, product maintenance and more convenient. Special design of the large roller handrail drive, low noise opearation, driving force, to improve the operating conditions of the escalators, so that the handrail with a longer life. Unique rectangular square tube structure with a strong load capacity, greatly improving the stability of the whole machine to run and extend the service life of the product. Diverse styles, nice: stamping pattern front plate, nice more three-dimensional sense. Inside and outside the cover with high-quality  stainless steel, to meet the individual needs of different environments.

Energy saving and environmental protection, reduce costs: FUJICN Elevator aoutomatic sidewalk product make full use of advanced manufacturing technology, greatly improving product performance and extend the life cycle of the machine, the direct effect is to reduce the customer’s operating costs, the choice of variable frequency drive technology, Energy-saving effect is significant, the maximum to reduce the machine’s operating cost.