High quality originated from professional works. The company is firmly convinced that good service and good elevator mean truly good quality. In continuous perfection, it establishes well-developed service system. It takes the clients’ requirements as service pursuit, winning great satisfaction from vast clients as the service objective. We wholeheartedly finish the best service each time. We guarantee to provide the clients with the most superior and comprehensive services as soon as possible.

Please have faith in FUJICN Elevator. Our service is always on the way. We offer support when you need us. Our good service has no bound.

Before-sale Sincere communication rational advice

Focusing on the customer need, we will make the professional analysis on our customer so as to provide the personalized and suitable solution.

Mid- sale Professional service full-process support

We can serve various construction projects with the high-efficiency, high-standard and high-safety installing service. We will also provide the customer with professional training  of installation usage in a most overall manner.

After-sale Real-time response Considerate service

According to the principle of real-time response, we have provided the service of 24-hour, speedy repair and maintenance as well as accessory supply.